Friends of Horse Spirit Ranch Panadero, the horse that started it all, and who continues to awe and inspire us with his talents and breathtaking good looks. A wonderful horse with a beautiful connections to Horse Spirit Ranch, we will always love and support him and those in his life. Margit plays a huge role in the hearts of those of us at Horse Spirit Ranch. A three star Parelli instructor, Margit spends hours patiently teaching and helping us improve our horsemanship. She is a wonderful instructor and clinician and we are proud to have her and Panadero as part of the family here at Horse Spirit Ranch. Sheryl Brown and Jeffrey Wohler combined their forces to create War Horse. Using their horses, Jane and Django, they bring a whole new aspect to relationship focused corporate team building. Although many different veterinarians visit the horses at Horse Spirit Ranch, we love the care we receive from Dr. Heaton at West Coast Equine Medicine, and are proud to list him as a friend of the ranch. With over 40 years as a professional horseman, Franklin Levinson is known for his gentle methods, and in all his programs teaches success with horses as life enrichment for the human as well as the horse. We are excited to welcome Franklin to Horse Spirit Ranch this year, and look forward to his demonstration and clinic.